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Syl Apps, George Armstrong added to Legends Row

There are actually four Syl Apps there. Four separate Syl Apps. It's awesome.

As an original six team, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a lot of history. And they're a team that does a pretty good job of honouring that history.

The latest edition of that honouring? Two new statues have been added to the Legends Row: Syl Apps and George Armstrong.

Apps played 423 games through his NHL career, all with the Leafs. He was an NHL All-Star, and also has Calder and Lady Byng Trophies to his name. The three Stanley Cups he helped the Leafs win are pretty good, too.

Oh: and his legacy goes on to this day, as there are four of him. Or, well, four people who share his name. And they're all great.

George Armstrong also spent his entire career - a grand total of 1,187 games - with the Leafs, from when he was just 19 years old up until he was 40. That's a lot of years. He was another multiple All-Star, and also helped the Leafs win four Stanley Cups - including that all-fabled 1967 one.

Congrats to Apps and Armstrong!


Species visited Legends Row and took photos of the newly installed figures.

Legends Row

Legends Row
Legends Row

Legends Row