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Garret Sparks, Trevor Kidd bond over awesome goalie pads

The men. The myths. The legends. The iconic goalie gear.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's been quite a few days for Garret Sparks, hasn't it? Not only did the Maple Leafs' rookie netminder make his NHL debut, but he did so in historic fashion, being the first goalie of the franchise to ever start with a shutout performance.

He also made his debut in fashionable fashion, with his Trevor Kidd-inspired pads - something Kidd himself loved to see.

TSN has a video of the two meeting as well, here. Sparks said he'd love to meet Kidd one day, and then there was Kidd, who seems to be getting just as much attention as Sparks lately, because everyone knows just where that gorgeous design came from.

Good thing Sparks was susceptible to his friend's peer pressure! He mentions he had little time to make a decision on his pads' design, but with a picture of Kidd right there, the choice was obvious - and his friend did a good job of convincing him it was the way to go.

Sparks and Kidd absolutely need to face off against one another one day, don't they? It would probably some of the most beautiful goaltending ever seen - literally.