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Jonathan Bernier responds to criticism, AHL conditioning loan... via Instagram

Things haven't been going well for Bernier lately, but at least he seems to have the right attitude.

This has not been the season Jonathan Bernier wanted.

It's Bernier's third year in Toronto, and so far, the 2015-16 season has been his worst to date. Through nine games, he has a .888 save percentage. Zero wins. It's a far cry from his previous seasons with both the Maple Leafs and the Kings, where he'd typically get at least a .909 save percentage as a backup, or a .912 as a starter.

In short, nobody was expecting this version of Bernier, but he's here - and despite his new two-year, $4.15 million AAV contract, he's in danger of being forced out.

Hence, the rumblings of waivers. Hence, the conditioning stint loan to the AHL. And, hence, this latest post by Bernier on his Instagram:

Well, he's not wrong. These kinds of struggles are pretty new to the 27-year-old, but hopefully, he's able to overcome them. At least on social media, it looks like he has the right attitude.