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City-TV's 2001 Athlete of the Week, Mitchell Marner

What an awesome haircut he had back then.

Mitch Marner was born on May 5, 1997. That makes him 18 years old now - and just three or four years old when City-TV named him their athlete of the week sometime in 2001.

This is the part where you feel really, really old.

Of course, it's not surprising to see that he would have been featured at such an early age; there's a reason he went fourth overall in the draft, after all. But it's an awesome coincidence to see City-TV still got him - after all, there are tons of athletes in the Toronto area worthy of recognition one way or another - and that the picture persevered made its way online (stick tap to molegan!).

Little Marner is adorable, though. Here's to him being the athlete of the week throughout his professional career, because you just know big things are gonna happen when he joins the Leafs.