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Leo Komarav sought help for his fear of flying

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Our favourite Finn does not like to fly.

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

In an interview with Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, Leo Komarov explained that he has suffered from an intense fear of flying.

According to the Google translation of reports on the interview, his fear intensified after the Lokomotiv air crash incident, which occurred while he played in the KHL. Leo goes on to say it was bad enough at one point that he sought out professional counseling to overcome the problem.

It was difficult after the event. I was already close to take me to Finland, but then went a course for air rescue. It got a little better after I talked to the professional, but I still do not like to fly said Komarov.

You can watch the original interview in Finnish, and see Leo get mad at a mini-golf course, at this link.