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Natlie Spooner shows off her CWHL All-Star talent

The Toronto Furies forward gave us a preview of what she can do at the CWHL All-Star Game

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Check out the below video as Natlie Spooner gives us a taste of what we can see at the 2nd annual CWHL All Star Game this weekend at the Air Canada Centre.

The CWHL All Star Game will take place Saturday January 23rd, at 1PM at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Spooner placed second in All Star voting and will Captain one team, while 1st place vote getter, the Montreal Canadiennes Julie Chu will Captain the other.

The CWHL will host a live All Star draft at the Toronto Hilton, and you can purchase tickets ($65 each) by emailing

Tickets for the CWHL All Star Game are $10 and can be purchased at ticketmaster.