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Leafs put Seth Griffith back on waivers

Claimed from Boston earlier this season, Seth Griffith was waived again today.

NHL: Florida Panthers at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs have been running what amounts to a 25-man roster for quite some time. At the moment, Josh Leivo is still on IR even though he is playing in the AHL. Matt Hunwick has also been injured, and that kept them at the allowed 23 players on the roster.

During the last few weeks, as the Leafs have called up Nikita Soshnikov and sent Leivo off on his conditioning loan, Seth Griffith and Frank Corrado have sat in the pressbox for most games.

Griffith played three games for the Leafs, scoring no points. Last year, he played four games for the Bruins and had one assist.

If the Bruins want him back, they can simply claim him. They can also now send him to the AHL without having to put him through waivers again, which might make him exactly what they need: a forward for the Providence team. He was one of the best players in the AHL last year.

If they don’t want him back, he can be claimed by any team, and after the Bruins, the priority is determined by points percentage.

This move is presumably required for one of two reasons. Matt Hunwick may be due to come off IR and go back on the roster. And Josh Leivo returns from his loan after tonight’s Marlies game.

The Leafs have an option to extend Leivo’s loan by two games, but the league has to agree to that. If they do that, he is on the Marlies and IR until November 19.

We will know tomorrow at approximately noon if Griffith has been claimed or not. Presumably if he is not claimed, he will be sent to the AHL, although there is no requirement to do that immediately. He would not be difficult to fit into the Marlies lineup, as they are very short of right-shooting wingers.

The knock against Griffith has always been his lack of defensive game, and the Leafs as currently constituted need better defensive results, but have a plethora of goal-scorers of high-class. He might be a promising young player, but he seems to be the wrong kind of player for the Leafs right now.

Edited to add: it has been reported that Matt Hunwick has come off of IR tonight, so this move was necessary for that to happen. The Leafs will have to deal with Leivo in some other way when the time comes.