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Who’s more adorable: big Bozak or little Bozak?

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The answer is little Bozak, but it’s close.

One of the best things about an NHL player having a kid? I mean from a fan’s perspective - not, like, the fact that a guy is starting a family, which is obviously the number one thing about it all, but.

Babies at the warm up glass.

That’s the best part about NHLers having kids.

If you don’t believe me, Tyler Bozak and Kanon Bozak would like a word.

Baby Kanon Bozak getting a glimpse of his pops at work! #TMLTalk @bozie42

A video posted by Toronto Maple Leafs (@mapleleafs) on

Oh no. Ohhh, no. From little Bozak’s beaming baby grin to big Bozak’s showing off only to turn back and smile... This is way too cute. I don’t think I can handle this.

Big Bozak did get an assist for little Bozak, too, so this was definitely completely worth it - and absolutely beyond adorable, no matter what.