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Morgan Rielly can’t handle how good the Leafs rookies are

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You could say they’re... impactful.

This season, it’s been a good time to be a Toronto Maple Leafs rookie. They’re kicking ass, they’re taking names, they’re scoring all the points and goals and they’re just generally being really, really awesome overall.

The Leafs’ 6-1 win over the Florida Panthers was just the latest example of that - one that left Morgan Rielly unable to find the words.

So someone helped him out.

He just goes quiet for three seconds trying to figure it out, and then his eyes get so wide!! Amazing. Rielly is truly one of us; even he can’t fathom how good everyone is.

And he’s so expressive!

Honestly, it kind of still blows my mind that Rielly isn’t even a part of this impactful rookie group. He’s only 22 - he’s like, two months younger than Connor Brown; a handful of the other rookies are older than him, too - and yet he’s already a veteran of over 250 NHL games and a leader on this team (no skater played more than him last night, for one thing).

But he’s definitely obviously still a kid - one who provides the best post-game interviews, evidently. What a fun team the Leafs are this year, on and off the ice. What good times it is in Toronto.