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Garret Sparks has a new mask, and it’s awesome

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Well, they always are.

The head-on look of a polar bear staring right at you, jaws opened wide, teeth baring isn’t a new look for Garret Sparks. And let’s be upfront: it’s a great one, too. What better animal to go with on a hockey mask than one associated with ice and snow already?

Well, Sparks has a new mask. And while the theme is similar - jaw stretched wide, teeth bared - it’s not a bear, this time, but still just as appropriate for hockey.

Should've worn this for Halloween.. Thanks for another terrifying bucket @wallgoaliemasks @wzlhed #Snowman

A photo posted by Garret Sparks (@gsparks40) on

Okay, you know what? Head on, that’s actually pretty frightening to look at. I’d imagine Sparks’ face in there makes it a lot less so, but damn, that’s a great mask design.

Plus you gotta respect anyone who makes such good use of blue and white. Colour-appropriate, but unique from the traditional fare you tend to see as far as goalie masks go. Sparks’ gear is awesome, always.