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Now Confirmed: Brandon Prust on his way to a new team

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Maripier Morin may have let it slip on French radio.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Le Journal de Montréal has the story today than Brandon Prust has a deal with a team in Germany. You can hear Maripier Morin reportedly spill the beans at that link.

Morin, former Hockey Wives star, has been working in French television in Quebec, and will stay in Canada for her career. There are rumours that she will be a participant in a new dance-style show as TVA tries to compete with Radio-Canada for the fans of this popular television genre.

Prust might be overpowered for the DEL, but he has spent so long keeping an NHL job on the basis of fighting, agitating and hitting, that other teams, where his hockey might be well up to the task, won’t be interested. The DEL might be where he has to go to start over.

Last season, in nine games in the AHL for Utica, he scored one goal and had six assists. The DEL, even with porous import rules compared to some European leagues, is a much easier level of play than that of the AHL. But Prust’s recent trip to the minors was his first since 2008, so unlike a lot of players of his type, he hasn’t had much practice being outside of the NHL, and he has been comfortably hanging around the fringes of the Leafs for weeks.

In preseason action with the Leafs while on a PTO, he concentrated on straight-up hockey, and looked like he could handle an AHL job. If he has gone to the DEL, he should excel. Jesse Blacker currently has 18 points in 20 games in the league, for example.


Darren Dreger is reporting that Prust has been signed by the Nürnberg Ice Tigers, the same team Blacker plays for. They are currently in second place in the league. Hope it all goes well for him.