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Possible Leafs 2017 Centennial Classic jersey leak

Is this the jersey the Leafs will be wearing?

leafs new logo wide

The Maple Leafs, celebrating their 100th anniversary, are in their first year of their brand new jerseys. They came with brand new logos, too, and they’ve looked pretty good so far.

But the Leafs do have a special game coming up, and with it means another special jersey.

That’s right: on Jan. 1, 2017, the Leafs will be hosting the Red Wings for the Centennial Classic. Thanks to, we have an idea of what they’ll be wearing.

I would suggest to heed in mind everything Chris Creamer says on his site: particularly as how, the leak being an infant jersey, we may not be seeing all of the details. Then again, if the Leafs wanted to stick with something simplistic, this could very well be that.

I would also caution that while those lines look gold, Creamer says they’re silver, so this could be a case of bad lighting (you can barely see the silver veins in the logo, unless you zoom in and squint really hard). Silver would undoubtedly be better than gold.

Not too long ago, our own Gunnar Carlsson broke down the history of Leafs jerseys, looking at which ones were good, bad, and ugly. Based on what we know with this potential leak, where would you rank the Centennial Classic version?