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Peter Holland bids farewell

He’s no longer playing for his hometown team.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This season couldn’t have been easy for Peter Holland. Dressing for just eight of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ games - scoring only one assist, averaging only 10:43 in ice time, and missing 17 games all the while - he hasn’t really gotten to play.

Contrast that to his 2015-16, in which he dressed for 65 of the Leafs’ games. He scored 27 points; not amazing, but not nothing. He averaged 14:40, a career high.

Alas. Holland, who is from Toronto, no longer had a place on their NHL team. To that end, the Leafs finally found a trade partner: the Arizona Coyotes.

And so, Holland said goodbye. And it was a heartfelt one; after all, this is a childhood dream we’re talking about essentially ending here.

It’s not that often a player gets traded and you see a seven-tweet storm come, but then again, it’s not that often you see a player who that meant so much to, and who can find the words to express it.

Best of luck to Holland in the next step of his career!