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Here’s Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews holding Tyler Bozak’s baby

“At least we were happy.”

You could call Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews young. And indeed, they are; they may be playing hockey at the highest level, but they’re also still just teenagers.

So they’re young.

But they’re not as young as Tyler Bozak’s son, Kanon, who apparently did not like being held by them.

At least we were happy

A photo posted by Mitch Marner (@marner_93) on

A late entrant for cutest picture of 2016? Yes, without a doubt.

(Are those matching toques?)

Kanon is definitely too little to suit up, so at least Marner and Matthews finally had the chance to be not the youngest ones in the room - even if they maybe didn’t meet Kanon’s own personal seal of approval.

Those are definitely three kids all with bright futures ahead of them, though - some are just a little bigger than others.