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Leo Komarov answers questions for the Players' Tribune, is adorable, has terrible handwriting

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It's impossible not to love this guy.

Sanford Myers/Getty Images

The All-Star Break may be over, but we aren't quite done hearing from the players just yet! We've gotten Leo Komarov's "accounts" of the weekend already, but thanks to the Players' Tribune, we have a little more to learn about Leo, via his What the Blank? NHL All-Star Edition.

Linked above, witness Komarov's not-great handwriting (I think that last word in his first answer is "slapshot", but I'm not sure if it's actually anything at all), his love, appreciation, and possible fear of Dion Phaneuf, his creativity (his shootout move would be called "great move", very straightforward and to the point), and, of course, his great taste in music. "All I Do is Win (win?)" is a fantastic post-win song, he's right.

And, of course, there's the best part of the entire piece - his self-portrait.

Though I'm not sure if he actually understood what he was supposed to draw, since that looks more like a dog or a donkey or an alien or something. Great expression, though!