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Kasperi Kapanen asks William Nylander 20 questions, both are adorable

I'm loathe to use the word "bromance", but...

I think, maybe the best part about Kasperi Kapanen being traded to the Maple Leafs - other than the part where they got a talented prospect to help along the rebuild - is the fact that he gets to be teammates with William Nylander. You see the relationship on the ice, you see occasionally it in their social media, and now, you see it even further in off-ice bits like this.

The Marlies' 20 Questions isn't a new thing, but having Kapanen ask his buddy said questions is a whole other level. There are the typical hockey questions, of course, and then there's the fun stuff - like Nylander's go-to karaoke song being Beyonce's Single Ladies.

And then there's all the messing around with Kapanen. Who's the worst trash talker on the Marlies? Kapanen. What does Nylander do for a pre-game ritual? Let Kapanen win in football, as they put it, so he gets confident enough to score in the games that actually matter.

What's Nylander's relationship status?

"I'm single, but it's complicated. I mean, you could ask Kappy about it--"

At which point Kapanen quickly pulls the mic away.

Things are going to get so great when they both make the NHL.