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WATCH: Connor Carrick scores his first goal as a Maple Leaf

And his second NHL goal in general!

Connor Carrick was originally drafted by the Washington Capitals. He made his NHL debut for them in the 2013-14 season - and in just his second game, scored his first NHL goal.

And that was it. Forty-three games later, Carrick failed to put another puck in the net... until tonight.

NHL goals are pretty special - but they're always especially special when you only have one. Or two, as the case may now be. Carrick came over to the Maple Leafs alongside Brooks Laich, a 21-year-old putting up decent seasons in the AHL, now in the NHL - even if it's a team at the bottom of the standings, rather than the top.

But all you need to do is take one look at Carrick's face for it to really hit home: that's his second NHL goal, his first ever with his new team, and that's something to really celebrate.

Congrats, Connor! Here's to it being the first of many in Toronto.