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William Nylander definitely should not be in net tonight

He has faced down Jaromir Jagr as a goalie before. And he has lost.

Probably not gonna make many saves like that.
Probably not gonna make many saves like that.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There's the obvious reason: he's not a goalie. But it goes even deeper than that.

As the son of an NHLer, William Nylander is well-travelled. His childhood is filled with a lot of adorable and interesting stories, too; how else do you get Brooks Laich to be your uncle in such a short timespan?

Michael Nylander's reach stretches out past Laich, though. Of course it touches on Jaromir Jagr. From 2005-07, the elder Nylander played two seasons with the New York Rangers, alongside Jagr. William would have been nine, 10 years old at this time, and growing up around NHL locker rooms, well on his way to getting better at the game.

Except, apparently, when it came to being in net.

If Nylander couldn't stop Jagr when he was 10 years old and Jagr was supposed to let him, what are the chances he can do it at 19? They are very low. Let Jonathan Bernier handle things.

Side note: how weird does it have to feel to be facing off against a guy who not just played alongside your now-retired dad, but is older than your now-retired dad? Jagr is ageless.