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Little William Nylander and Jack Eichel were once teammates

And they were adorable teammates, at that.


It's always adorable to see NHL stars when they were kids. William Nylander, for example, had one of the most impressive haircuts we've ever seen.

But what's better than one NHL star when they were a kid? Two NHL stars when they were kids! Or even three! All together!

Okay, so they aren't NHL stars right now - but they're all potentially on track to get there. Here are Nylander, Jack Eichel, and even Sonny Milano, all on the same AAA Junior Bruins team together:

They all would have been nine years old back then, and man, Nylander and Eichel are unmistakeable. Their hair alone is iconic. (Milano is the kid holding up the trophy.) And they probably scored ALL THE GOALS together, too.

Could they be teammates one day in the future? The NHL has very limited superstar movement, so it probably isn't going to happen - but at least we can always look back on this old picture and know one day, they were. And what could have been.