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Kasimir Kaskisuo wants you! To help pick him a new goalie mask

He has two mask designs, and he wants the fans' help to pick one.


You may remember Kasimir Kaskisuo, the 22-year-old goalie who forewent his college career in order to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and his two-year entry level contract that will kick in next season.

In the meantime, though, he's been playing with the Toronto Marlies, with two games - and a .906 save percentage - to his name. And herein lies the problem: his previous team was the University of Minnesota-Duluth, whose colours are burgundy and gold.

... He's playing for the Leafs now. You know, blue and white. So an update in gear will definitely be required, and that's where this tweet comes in:

A new team calls for a new design! And evidently, Kaskisuo has two to choose between.

The one on the left is different, and maybe even a bit artsier - but the most popular answer so far seems to be the one on the right, which looks like a more traditional design (if lacking in personalized details - but both are).

Which would you rather see him don to start next season?