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Nikita Soshnikov is ready for the playoffs

You would follow that fake beard anywhere, don't lie.


It's probably fair to say Nikita Soshnikov's first season in North America has been a success. The undrafted 22-year-old winger made the leap from the KHL to the AHL this season - not to mention getting in a bit of NHL time. Eleven games' worth, to be exact; including a couple of goals and five points.

But most of his season was spent with the Toronto Marlies. He's played 51 games for them, scoring 18 goals and 28 points, and is top 10 in team scoring.

Tonight, it all comes to an end - because tonight is the Marlies' final game of the regular season. They currently sit at 110 points; they can finish with 112.

That's not the goal, though. The Calder Cup is the goal now - and Soshnikov is very much ready.

Play off soon baby ✌

A photo posted by Nikita Soshnikov (@nikitasoshnikov90) on

The shades are badass; the beard a liiiiittle off there, buddy (some of it is crawling up the outer edges of his ears!). Gotta love the spirit of this post, though.

The playoffs are soon, and as top dog, the Marlies gotta be favourites. Let's go Marlies - those who can grow their own facial hair and those who can't alike!