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Kyle Dubas, Peter Flagler play 20 Questions for the Marlies

A general manager and a locker room attendant sit down and dissect one another. It's wonderful.

This is brilliant.

We've seen the Marlies employ 20 Questions before, but it's mostly been with the players (i.e. William Nylander and Kasperi Kapanen ribbing one another). This one is different, though: it stars Locker Room Attendant Peter Flagler alongside Marlies General Manager Kyle Dubas as the two trade off questions back and forth.

Naturally the entire thing is awesome, but I think the first moment you really fall in love is when Flagler starts messing with Dubas by pointing out his love of his phone. While Flagler is busy making sure the players actually stay hydrated, for example, Dubas is messing around on Twitter. (Although to be fair, going through his liked tweets can be both fun and informative.)

Also, it has to be said: Flagler has better taste in doughnuts than Dubas. (Although the correct answer is and shall always be Boston cream, guys.)

It ends on the best moment, though: where both guys confess the greatest moments of their lives so far have to do mostly with Flagler's employment. And Dubas' marriage, but mostly Flagler.

The Marlies' 20 Questions segment is one of their best and it was truly fantastic seeing the team extend a bit beyond the ice in this particular edition. We'll need more like it in the future!