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Women's World Championships: get ready for tonight's medal round

Today is the last day for the Women's World Championships, and we have exactly who we expected playing for medals.

Rebecca Johnston, top scorer for Canada so far
Rebecca Johnston, top scorer for Canada so far
Martin Rose/Getty Images

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Japan will be relegated to the lower division and Germany will take their place.

This year's surprise, the Czech Republic will be back again next year. They nearly pulled of the upset of the tournament, taking a two-goal lead over Sweden in their game to determine points placement. This is used for Olympic qualifying so it does matter. Sweden came back with two minutes to go and scored three. Such a heartbreak for the Czechs.

In the semifinals, the USA rolled over Russia 9-0, and Canada had a tougher time with the Finns. Finland took the lead early, but Canada answered back and ultimately won it 5-3.

The Finns should be heavily favoured to beat Russia in the bronze medal game which goes at 6 pm Eastern time. The usual duo will fight it out for gold tonight at 10:30 pm. The USA looks very dominant in this tournament, but you can't count out Canada, not until the final buzzer.