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WATCH: Mitch Marner passes OHL Trophy to Knights prospect fighting cancer

Jacob Buch was, evidently, the first teammate on Marner's mind when it came to passing around the OHL's Trophy.

After the London Knights won the OHL Championship, co-captain Mitch Marner didn't hesitate on who first to pass the J. Ross Robertson Trophy to: Knights prospect Jacob Buch, who is battling cancer.

There's no doubt that has to be the coolest part of the entire celebration. Sure, it's awesome to see a Toronto Maple Leafs prospect play such a huge role in winning a championship, but it's awesome on a whole other level to see just how it's celebrated.

This is the ultimate level of sportsmanship. Hopefully Buch will get the chance to raise that trophy again - though the first time was pretty sweet, in all senses of the word.