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Darcy Tucker offers his services to the Blue Jays

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If baseball needs an enforcer, Darcy Tucker is ready to go.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The job of an enforcer in hockey was clear cut. You may not get the minutes, but you'll get the respect. You're there to protect your teammates from any funny business: and if you're really good at your job, you'll become feared enough for it to actually mean something.

Well, that applies a bit more to the olden days than it does now. But the glory days were pretty great when they lasted, and hey, long-time former Toronto Maple Leaf Darcy Tucker was much more than all of that.

... But he was pretty good at that other part, too.

Which is why he has evidently offered up his services to the Toronto Blue Jays.

In case you missed it, the Blue Jays rekindled their... let's go with "intense rivalry" with the Texas Rangers, bad blood from the playoffs carrying over to this regular season. Which ended up culminating with a hard slide into second base by Jose Bautista, second baseman Rougned Odor punching Bautista in the face, and then a bench-clearing brawl you're more likely to see in hockey.

Hey, Tucker in a bench-clearing baseball brawl would be a sight to see. Let's do it.