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Kasperi Kapanen's playoff beard is really coming along

Up close, you can actually see his moustache. It's great.

Two rounds are in the books, and see the Toronto Marlies as one of just four teams remaining in the Calder Cup playoffs. The AHL's top team of the regular season was pushed to the brink with a tight seven-game series against the Albany Devils, but they persevered - and as such, their third round series against the Hershey Bears starts May 20.

It isn't just the Marlies' playoff lives being extended, though - their playoff beards get to keep going, too.

... Or as much as they have them, at least. Because while the AHL is a professional league filled with adult men, a lot of them are still rather young. And some people just can't grow facial hair at all.

That doesn't mean they can't give it their best efforts, though. Like Kasperi Kapanen:

"Viikset" translates to "moustache", and hey! Up close like that, you can see he's actually got one! And even a little bit going on his chin. For a 19-year-old blond kid, this is probably as good as it's going to get - though it'd be awesome to see just how far he can really go, assuming the Marlies keep up their winning ways.