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WATCH: Leo Komarov, Tyler Seguin play air hockey

They're getting ready for the World Cup. (Not the World Championships, the World Cup.)

... Okay, so that could have gone longer. At the same time, short and sweet, right? (Even if nobody scores a goal?)

The World Cup of Hockey - not to be confused with the World Championships, which is incredibly easy to do - will be in Toronto from Sept. 17 - Oct. 1, and it's probably gonna be an awesome display of elite level hockey just before the NHL season gets underway. (It's gotta be better than the preseason at least, right?)

To that end, Leo Komarov and Tyler Seguin teamed up - or, more accurately, faced off against one another - in an air hockey game to help promote it.

Which brings about the question: do you cheer for Seguin because he's playing for Canada, or Komarov because he's a Leaf? (Finland also wearing blue and white really helps out here, too).

Either way, you can't deny that both have hustle. But Komarov might just have a little more.