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One year ago today, the Toronto Maple Leafs hired Mike Babcock

One year ago today, everything got real good.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

What were you doing one year ago today?

We can tell you exactly what you were doing: frantically checking Twitter (or PPP, if we want to stay on-point, which we totally do), and analyzing flight plans for the first time in your life, probably.

Because one year ago today, all hell broke loose in the hockey world. Toronto doesn't have to do anything "big" to get attention, but when everyone is suddenly announcing that they are doing something "big", and also their private jet is up to stuff, well, something amazing has to be going down.

And indeed, something amazing was going down: the Toronto Maple Leafs hired Mike Babcock to be their head coach for the next eight years. One of the greatest and most highly-regarded coaches in the world, and Toronto got him.

In just one year, despite a mediocre roster built for lottery purposes, Babcock has raised the Leafs' possession stats by nearly 5%, and has been seriously educating the team's future to be better players.

So it's been a good year, hasn't it?