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After a long season, it's Mitch Marner's cheat day

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Marner has played more this year than most hockey players. He's earned his burger.

Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Every hockey player's favourite pregame meal is either chicken or pasta. Every. Single. One. No red meat allowed.

And of course, every hockey player's goal is to be playing well into the spring - thus restricting their food selection along the way. No matter what level they're at, nobody wants to give up the game - and a long season often means you're contending for a championship, at that.

Not many have had longer seasons, and therefore, restricted diets, than Mitch Marner. He's had as long of a season as a junior player can have, and he's won everything possible in that time frame to boot.

So he's earned something a little different.

Marner's year will probably go down as one of the best a junior player has ever had - so here's to that burger. It's probably the sweetest burger he's ever had.