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New Toronto Maple Leafs draft hats revealed?

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More Leafs stuff to buy!

Hey, remember that whole thing about the Toronto Maple Leafs getting a new logo? It's an updated look to celebrate the team's centennial by combining a couple of old, popular styles into a new, modern look, and it's great.

It is also now on a hat.

Shoutout to @LeafsSociety for the pictures! As well as showing that other teams have new-look hats as well, even if they don't have new logos - with the draft coming up in just under two weeks, it would make perfect sense if these are what this year's class will get to wear.

For reference, here's what Mitch Marner wore when the Leafs drafted him last year:

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Solid team colour, logo up top, variant on the brim. Looks nice. Clean.

The new ones I'm... less certain about? It looks like the cities' names are spelled out on the back, which just looks, well, odd. (Initial PPP chat reaction: "What the hell is on the back half? White... stripey things?")

Anyway! Now that the excitement of actual hockey being played is over, this was just another little reminder: not only is Auston Matthews coming up, but so is a new look for the Leafs.