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Lou Lamoriello kept his promise to Roman Polak

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Polak wasn't necessarily expecting Lamoriello to follow through on his word - but he did.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

It's really, really easy to say things without really meaning them. That can especially be true in the world of business - and that's exactly what sports is.

So when Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello informed Roman Polak that he would be moved, but at least he would be moved to a Stanley Cup contender, nobody would have blamed Polak for being a little sceptical. As he told the Toronto Sun, "Executives say those types of things a lot."

Lamoriello stuck to his word, though. He traded Polak, along with Nick Spaling, to the San Jose Sharks for a couple of picks - and now, the Sharks are playing in the Stanley Cup Final.

Lamoriello said Stanley Cup contender, and he followed through: Polak is one of just a handful of players still actually playing.

And Polak knows where his thanks lie. As he told the Sun: "It couldn't have worked out better for me. And it's because of Lou."

Stories like that - and developing that kind of reputation - certainly can't hurt Toronto when it might be time to bring new players into the fold. Players like to know teams have their backs; Lamoriello certainly seems to be the kind of guy who does, if Polak's story is anything to go by.