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Frederik Andersen to be recognized with the William M. Jennings Trophy

Frederik Andersen and John Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks will both be recognized at the 2016 NHL Awards in Las Vegas.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Frederik Andersen and John Gibson will share the William M. Jennings Trophy, which is awarded to the goalie who plays at least 25 games for the team with the fewest goals against in the regular season.

As the tandem in net for the Anaheim Ducks, they earned that honour.

The award amounts to a prize for the lowest Goals Against Average (GAA), and as the understanding of NHL statistics has grown, it's widely understood that GAA, like +/- is much more reflective of team play than individual goaltending skill.

This year if the award was given to the goalie who met the games requirement and had the lowest personal GAA, it would be Ben Bishop receiving it. Gibson is second and Andersen is 13th.

Since it's a team award, merely accepted by the goalies, Gibson and Andersen are being acknowledged for the Ducks finishing the season allowing only 188 goals. The Washington Capitals are second with 191 and the Los Angeles Kings are third with 192.

Toronto finished 25th with 240, tied with the Colorado Avalanche.

The other goalie trophy, the Vezina, the one that's voted on by the General Mangers, often has an unstated relationship to goals against. This year's nominees are:

Name Team GAA League Ranking All Situations Save % League Ranking Team Goals Against League Ranking
Ben Bishop Tampa Bay Lightning 2.06 2 0.926 2 198 5
Braden Holtby Washington Capitals 2.20 6 0.922 8 191 2
Jonathan Quick Los Angeles Kings 2.22 7 0.918 21 192 3

Ben Bishop said in an interview that he didn't expect to win, but that the numbers were in his favour, and it's hard to argue with him. It's also fairly easy to see that being the starter for a team with low goals against helps get you a nomination for this award.

The Jennings, not very highly regarded, unlike the storied Vezina, will be awarded this year to two men who have been rivals for one job their whole careers. Andersen, now a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, will be there in his last act as a Duck, and when it's over, he gets to look to his future.

The Leafs, meanwhile, need to do something about those goals against.