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Here it is: the table where it's going to happen

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Are you ready for some magic?

The entire 2015-16 Toronto Maple Leafs season was about the draft. Now, that draft is as close to actually happening as Auston Matthews just was to Niagara Falls.

That is a very wet future first overall pick right there. But he's wearing the right colour!

Anyway. Prospects going on mandated goofing around trips aside, soon they'll be dry, dressed in suits, and getting drafted.

And while teams will go up on stage to announce their first round picks, they'll be sitting at their tables for rounds 2-7, during which the Leafs currently have 10 picks. So it'll be a very busy table: one right at the front of the room, to correspond with their first overall status.

And here it is.

Have you ever seen a sight more beautiful? We're SO close, just like the Leafs are to the stage. Get ready.