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Watch: William Nylander interviews hot draft prospect Alex Nylander

Don't quit your day job, Willy!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Leafs TV let the intern handle the microphone for this exclusive draft prospect interview.  It's good he has sick hands to fall back on.

In the interview, Willy the intern asks Alex Nylander if he will go higher in the draft than a certain older brother did when he was selected eighth overall in 2014.

He might. Alex Nylander is ranked as high as six and as low as 12 by many scouts, and his TSN ranking on the latest list is seventh.

This puts him in the range of Arizona (and may be the source of many, many fantasy Matthews-for-Nylander trade proposals), as well as Calgary, his home town.

He also may go no farther than Buffalo, who pick at eighth, and would put the Nylander brothers at opposite ends of the QEW in one of the deepest rivalries in the NHL.

The Sabres-Leafs fight is currently about who tanked with more moral integrity, and who is still really bad. In time, it will be about who is best. And there's nothing like a pair of brothers to fight over that for all eternity.

Before they commence their eternal rivalry, Alex Nylander has more immediate concerns. No, not the draft: high school.