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WATCH: Brendan Leipsic answers Connor Brown's 20 Questions

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Just a couple of guys being very funny dudes.

Before he came to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the thing I most knew Brendan Leipsic for was his time on the perennial powerhouse Portland Winterhawks of the WHL. He was an absolute scoring force, and also, he did this:

So it's not surprising that he brings up his time with the Winterhawks a couple of times - and that this was a very funny interview overall. Of course, Connor Brown's (un)natural interviewing skills and totally natural friendship helped this. All those Bachelor Mondays really paid off.

The Winterhawks come up a lot, but Leipsic's best moment so far? Fair to say it was his first NHL goal.

But what if Leipsic played a different sport, what would he be? A basketball player - "without a doubt." He was not thrown off by Brown's immediate laughter, nor follow up question.

"Actually though, what would you be?"

"I'd be a basketball player," deadpanned the 5'9 forward.

Other signs that you know Leipsic is the best: he could eat six chocolate dip donuts no problem (same), and he kills time on the bus with TV and Tetris. He's just like us! Except we don't get to listen to Rich Clune day in and day out, sadly.

Throw in Leipsic's 20 Questions with the rest of the greats the Marlies have done: of course he (and Brown) nail it.