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Patrik Laine would pick Auston Matthews; is the favour returned...?

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Matthews takes a very pro-American slant in TSN's Quiz, so...

While two teams are excited about the hockey still being played, everyone else has their eyes on far more exciting matters: the NHL draft. After all, who cares about the Stanley Cup when there's an 18-year-old who might one day lead your team to the Stanley Cup? THAT'S where the action is.

Hockey players tend to care about the actual game still going on, though. And as such, the yearly tradition of inviting top prospects to a Stanley Cup Final game continues - as does TSN quizzing them.

One of Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine, Matthew Tkachuk, Pierre-Luc Dubois, or Alex Nylander will be a Leaf. (Or Jesse Puljujarvi, but he wasn't there.)

But I think we all know who it's going to be - so let's talk about Matthews, who used the quiz to talk his fair share of America. After all, he got to meet Joe Pavelski - a good American boy!

Adorably enough, Tkachuk said his "welcome to the NHL moment" was when someone asked him if he'd rather play for a Canadian or American team and he couldn't answer. (Matthews', meanwhile, was more along the lines of not appreciating a dude screaming in his ear while he was trying to do the wingate test at the combine.)

The two mended fences, though. When asked who could pull off a crop top, both Matthews and Tkachuk went with their fellow American Charlie McAvoy. "He's got a mature frame," said Matthews, because we're well past appropriateness here already, anyway.

The highlight, though? All five prospects were asked who they would pick in the draft (without being allowed to name a teammate); Laine, who is winning many over by actually having a personality, went with Matthews.

Matthews' pick? Clayton Keller. Ouch - the gloves are dropped.

We're just two and a half weeks away from one of these kids donning a Maple Leafs jersey! Get hype, y'all.