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Peter Holland is excited to be back with the Leafs

No arbitration leaves everyone happy!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Peter Holland saga sure did get a little unexpectedly crazy for a bit there, didn't it? With arbitration approaching, the Toronto Maple Leafs waived him; after he went unclaimed, it went right down to the wire to sign him.

But sign him they did, and now, everyone's happy - especially the hometown boy himself.

Another year living my boy hood dream - Let's rock!

A photo posted by Peter Holland (@peterholland13) on

Playing in the NHL, no doubt, has to be awesome, but getting to play for the team you grew up cheering for has to be another level entirely. How often does that happen? Some players don't even have hometown teams, and many who do likely won't ever get the chance to actually wear their last name on the jersey they already grew up wearing.

And while Holland isn't likely to be a superstar, considering the fuss always surrounding having hometown boys play for the Leafs, it's fantastic to see one of them back in the fold and really excited about it.