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Frederik Andersen's new goalie gear is in

Guess what - it's Maple Leaf-coloured!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Orange and blue are opposite on the colour wheel. So as well as they go together, it probably would have been weird for Frederik Andersen to keep his old gear.

See, he played for the Anaheim Ducks, so his old stuff had orange flair to it. But with the Toronto Maple Leafs? No, he's gotta go blue.

And blue he has gone.

Fun breaking in new gear back home in the rink I grew up in

A photo posted by Frederik Andersen (@frederikandersen31) on

That's it: Andersen will officially be wearing the blue and white.

The only problem I see here is that his mask looks completely blank. Oh, there's still plenty of time for a new, awesome paint job - but it would probably work best if he kept at least one old element to it.

Again, not the orange - but Lego Batman.

If noted Leafs fan Will Arnett loves it, it's gotta stay. Besides, Lego Batman is awesome.