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Rich Clune does impromptu Twitter Q&A, talks Marlies, sports, life

You got questions? Clune's got answers.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Take a look at Rich Clune's Twitter feed from yesterday, and you'll see sporadic updates from his life. Mostly it's working out, or hanging out with his brothers; all good stuff.

Take a look at it today, and suddenly, whoa, he went off and answered a ton of people's questions.

The subjects vary - from music, food, and everything in between - but of course, sports ended up being the main focus of most of the questions.

For example: what's priority watching at the Olympics?

That's a good one. Thrilling, plus immediate gratification.

Then there's his favourite sports other than hockey...

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Scott Darling really wanted to know what he'd be doing if it wasn't hockey, though:

Considering what he does best on the ice, that's not a surprise.

Golf isn't up there, though. At all.

But as it stands, hockey still remains priority for Clune. He re-signed with the Marlies last month, but getting back into the NHL is the goal.

You know, where he once faced off against Todd Fedoruk, who he names as maybe the toughest person he's ever fought, and survived to tell the tale:

As for the Marlies themselves? He'll be back in town soon enough!

The good things he's heard about relate to this year's crop of Marlies. Not Josh Leivo's chirps, though.

But when it comes to William Nylander...

And to this tweet, he simply responded, "Yes."