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Connor Carrick is asking the real questions

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Apparently, today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. That in and of itself raises some questions. For example, isn't every day National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Chocolate chip cookies are good, but why do they only get one day? Why do they need a day at all to recognize their awesomeness? If it's "national", do we still get to celebrate it in Canada? This is a lot to take in.

Connor Carrick has boiled down my confusion into one succinct question.

Seriously! It'd be one thing to have this be a joke amongst your friends, but how do these days reach national status? And just how many national days do we need to have?

A ton, apparently. Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, while May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day. And tomorrow, Aug. 5, is National Underwear Day? This is madness.

But as for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day itself? Apparently even the National Day Calendar doesn't even know where it came from. It's just a thing. And so, Carrick's question will probably go unanswered.