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Maple Leafs celebrating International Cat Day with Kerby Rychel's cat

That's right, it's Tempelton's time to shine.

Every day has to be something. It just so happens that today, Aug. 8, is apparently International Cat Day.

This is important, now, because you just know that one of the newest Maple Leafs has to be celebrating. Kerby Rychel is going to get a fresh start in Toronto, and the 21-year-old first round pick from 2013 definitely fits right in with the rebuild plans.

But one of the best things he has to offer to Leafs fandom is his cat, Tempelton. And Tempelton's Twitter.

And the Leafs would appear to know it.

So, what's Tempelton been up to this summer? Well...

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Meanwhile, in addition to Tempelton, the Leafs have another cat to celebrate today - of course.