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Brooks Laich had William Nylander and Kasperi Kapanen over to watch Dancing with the Stars

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Brooks Laich is definitely the Team Dad.

A couple of things happened last night.

First, Kasperi Kapanen got back into town:

(Geez, that’s a nice view.)

Then, apparently, Brooks Laich took in both Kapanen and William Nylander - so they could all watch Dancing with the Stars together. (Julianne Hough, his wife, returned as a judge this season; while Derek Hough, his brother-in-law, is dancing, partnered with Marilu Henner.)

Laich is already the oldest Leaf (Stephane Robidas’ poor broken body aside), which automatically put him in the running for Team Dad. But bringing the kids over to watch Dancing with the Stars? There’s no doubt about it, now - that's definitely something any resident Team Dad would do.