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2017 Maple Leafs Stanley Cup odds are getting better

Bodog believes!

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Bodog, the online betting website, has released some new odds for teams chances at the 2017 Stanley Cup.

At the moment the Maple Leafs have been given 50/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2017, up from 66/1 odds on June 13th of this year. The LEafs aren’t last this year, placing ahead of Winnipeg, Arizona, Carolina, Columbus, and Vancouver who had the longest odds at 66/1.

Odds of winning the Eastern Conference for the Leafs are 25/1, putting the Leafs ahead of just Buffalo, Carolina, and New Jersey.

For the Atlantic Division, the Leafs share last place with the Senators at 15/1.

Things are looking up for the Maple Leafs everywhere, even at the betting parlour.

Full odds via Bodog: