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WATCH: Auston Matthews scores at the World Cup of Hockey

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It’s his first of the exhibition games!


You didn’t think the World Cup of Hockey exhibition games would end without an Auston Matthews goal, did you?

If you did, oh, ye of little faith.

That’s some very slick passing by the kids who make up Team North America - but it wouldn’t mean anything without the puck ending up in the back of the net. Fortunately, it does just that, as Matthews is right there, at the top of the crease, just ready to bang it home.

(And he’s over a head taller than Johnny Gaudreau, that’s adorable.)

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for the kids, as Tomas Plekanec scored not even a minute later to take the lead back for the Czechs - and ultimately give them the win, with a score of 3-2.

But still - the important thing here is, hey, Matthews goal! Here’s to many, many more in the near future!