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Frederik Andersen’s new Toronto Maple Leafs mask has arrived

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It’s beautiful. And very Leafs.

Frederik Andersen has only really known the Anaheim Ducks at the NHL level. After picking him up in the third round of the 2012 draft - after the Carolina Hurricanes actually first selected him in 2010, but he went unsigned - he spent the next four seasons playing within the Anaheim organization.

And then Anaheim made the decision to move on from him, and the Toronto Maple Leafs made the decision to pick him up. And then seriously commit to him, via a five-year, $25 million contract.

So now that it looks like Andersen will be a Leaf for a while yet, he needs a new mask. The Ducks are more orange and black; that’s not going to sit well with a blue and white team.

Lo and behold, though: Andersen’s new mask is here, and it’s awesome.

Oh yeah, that’s wonderfully Leafy. It’s going to be great to see on the ice.