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Watch: Scrimmage highlights from the first day of Leafs training camp and news on numbers too

Scrimmage! It's almost real hockey. You have to wait until Monday for something even more hockeyesque, but for now, we take what we can get.

No more old jersey, no more number 39
No more old jersey, no more number 39
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The scrimmage on Friday was streamed live, and for die-hard fans, it was totally worth it to watch an entire two periods of hockey filmed through the mesh.

For me, the standouts were: Mitch Marner, William Nylander (sporting what might be his permanent number: 29), Andreas Johnsson, Nikita Korostolev, Colin Smith (continuing his strong play from the rookie tournament and raising questions about how soon his contract gets an upgrade) and Garret Sparks.

Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun was on hand and posted some highlights:

Longley also noted that no one on the training camp roster has numbers 22 or 34. And now we know why:

The scrimmage finished in a tie, so a shootout was required.

The highlights from the weekend scrimmages are here.