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Doug Gilmour: Mitch Marner is ‘too good for’ the OHL

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It sounds like Kingston’s GM has seen enough of him.

2016 Memorial Cup - Championship Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Where is Mitch Marner going to play?

On the one hand, he’s listed as 5’11”, 160 lbs by the Maple Leafs. That is, comparatively, tiny. Very few players of that size play in the NHL on the regular basis.

On the other hand, isn’t Marner special enough to have earned the distinction? He was taken fourth overall for a reason. And just this past season, he not only scored 116 points in just 57 games, third in OHL scoring, but he also had 44 points in 18 playoff games, dominating the postseason.

And he won the Memorial Cup. And MVP. And was named the most outstanding player of the year.

He won literally everything it was possible for him to win at the junior level in 2015-16. So, where does he play?

Doug Gilmour, who probably knows a thing or too about all of this - what it takes to be a good player of Marner’s size, what it takes to succeed in the OHL, in the NHL - has an idea.

Let’s all listen to Gilmour.