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Brooks Laich is just showing off at this point

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More workout advice from one of the oldest Leafs!

The Toronto Maple Leafs are shaping up to be a pretty young team this year. We don’t quite yet know where all of the pieces will fall - that’s for training camp to decide, and we’re not quite there yet - but we’re at the point where we can start expecting younger faces to really start taking over.

How many Leafs are there 30 or older? As of right now, there are nine - but a number of these guys aren’t even healthy.

There’s Matt Hunwick, Milan Michalek, Colin Greening; even Tyler Bozak has hit the big 3-0. But the oldest of them all? That’s Brooks Laich, veteran of 12 NHL seasons, and 33 years young.

Over the summer, Laich has given us bits of workout advice and challenges, from wide leg squats to walking around on our hands to Tabata Rows. His latest bit of advice is a callback to that whole handstand thing...

He looks so chill like that. And it does look fun!

So there you’ve got it - want to work on your upper body some? Do what Laich is doing. Considering the ongoing longevity of his career, I’m guessing his advice is pretty worthwhile.