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Nazem Kadri’s cat has an Instagram

The Leafs have the best cats in the league.

Quick. What’s one of the most important things in the world?

... Yes, that’s right, cats.

Specifically Nazem Kadri’s cat, Jazzy, a rescue who now has her own Instagram (stick taps to /u/toal_chaos5 for finding her).

Game day chill with my pops

A photo posted by Jazzy Kadri (@jazzykadri) on

Look at her, she’s beautiful. I’m not sure where the “chill” part comes from though - maybe from Kadri, but Jazzy looks like a cat who can definitely spell “intensity”.

She’s really got nifty mittens.

Shadow boxing

A video posted by Jazzy Kadri (@jazzykadri) on

And I suppose we know where her favourite spot to watch games from is (barring the Leafs one day having a cat night, perhaps...).

This will be my seat tonight for the game. Thanks dad for having this awesome chair made for me!! #goleafsgo

A photo posted by Jazzy Kadri (@jazzykadri) on

(And probably who her favourite player is, too!)

Jazzy joins Connor Brown’s Mr. Samuelson and Kerby Rychel’s Tempelton in being outstanding Leafs cats. I hope they all get together for kitty playdates all the time.

Jazzy, meanwhile, is off to a great start with her Instagram already - hopefully we’ll see a lot more from her throughout the season (and well beyond)!