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Frederik Andersen enjoying his first ever back-to-back shutouts

Of course, it goes without saying: knock on wood.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Frederik Andersen was struggling and had some of the worst numbers in the NHL? Nah, of course not - because those days would appear to be long behind us.

He now has a .921 save percentage, tied for seventh in the NHL among goalies who have played at least 20 games (which seems like a fair cutoff point at this time in the season). Oh, and three shutouts.

Including two in his last two games.

Which he’s never done before.

It’s really awesome that the Leafs have given him eight goals’ worth of support in these past two shutout victories - goals are fun! - but he hasn’t even needed them, having stopped the last 48 shots he’s faced.

Yes, there’s been a fair amount of knocking on wood in writing this up. The Leafs just have one game to go before the All-Star Break, and hopefully Andersen can keep this shutout streak - the longest of his career, now - going. No doubt everyone’s enjoying it.